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Misericórdia’s Brothers (1693-2010)

List of brothers admitted in the Misericórdia of Vila Real since 1693 (for the previous years there are no sources that allow to reconstruct its composition), with the exception of the period between 1742 and 1797, for which we have no information. The period between 1904 and 1956 was reconstructed through electoral rolls, which is why we mention the estimated year of admission. Between 1693 and 1742, the category identification (noble or official) was based on the names and occupations indicated in the admission document; therefore, in some cases the presented information may not be absolutely accurate.

To view the individual record of a brother, simply click on the respective ID number. It is possible to search by name and to sort lists by name or admission date. Please note that the fields presented in the individual records vary according to the year of admission.